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  • 上市时间: 2022-9
  • 型号: S600
  • 输出功率: 600W
  • 电池容量: 580WH
  • 电池类型: 三元锂电池


1. 580wh li-ion battery, Over 1000 life cycles to 80% of the capacity

2. A variety of output ports meet multiple electrical equipment, while charging without queuing

3. Support a variety of charging methods, anytime and anywhere electricity is not limited

4. Stylish, small and lightweight

5. Intelligent cooling fan, working silently

6. The BMS battery management system guarantees the safe use of electricity for users


H600 a portable energy storage power supply, built-in automotive power grade Li- Ion Phosphate battery, large capacity, high power, long life cycles.Stylish, small and lightweight, to provide customers with safe portable mobile power station.


Application Scenes:


Family emergency, outdoor travel, outdoor emergency, automobile emergency, automobile (power supply) medical rescue, field work, etc


Techinical Specification:

Basic Info            Capacity500wh

Rated Output600w

Output WaveformPure sine wave
Input            AC  portAC 600W 100V-120V 60Hz(220-240V 50Hz )

DC  portDC 5521 Port 11-30V(Max 5A) Max 100W

XT60 portSolar panel 11-30V (MPPT)Max 200W
Output            5* AC port220V  600W/50hz  110V 600W/60hz

2* USB portQC3.0 Max 18W 5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A

1* Type-c portType-C PD60W 5V/9V/12V/15V,Max 5A

1*Light3w led

2*DC portDC 5521 Port 13.6V8A
Battery            Cell Chemistry

The lithium battery                

Life cycle2000+cycles to 80%+ capacity

Working Temperature-20~45 ° C
Packaging Information            Size240*210*185(mm)

Net Weight5kg